Cuestiones legales, de política y privacidad

Digital transformation readiness of HEIs in terms of Policy, Legal and Privacy Issues for the EWP processes

The numbers on the visual map indicate how ready the HEIs in the pointed area at each title above in percentages.*

*** The Calculation of Percentages: This visual map is based on the survey carried out under the framework of Output 1 of the SUDTE Project in 2021. The respondents are mainly international relations officers being 18 HEIs from Italy, 21 HEIs from Spain, 65 HEIs from Turkey and 1 HEI from Luxembourg. And that represents at least the 20% of the total HEIs in every participating country. The statistics are calculated here on the basis of respondent’s opinions that ranged from strongly disagree to strongly agree on 5-point Likert scale.  The idea behind is that the percentage scale allows readers to compare the digital readiness of the HEIs geographically. The steps of converting the Likert scale into percentages are as follows:

  1. The answers from the respondents are converted from expression of opinions to numbers: Strongly agree (Points: 5) Agree (Points: 4) Neither agree nor disagree (Points: 3) Disagree (Points: 2) Strongly disagree (Points: 1)
  2. The averages are calculated for the cities with multiple responses.

Then percentage values are assigned for each response so that the highest point answer gets 100%