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Comparative Analysis of Functionalities of Digital Tools

Mapping of Functionalities of the Digital Entry Points to EWP

Explanations in HEI-API Coverage Matrix

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Explanations in HEI-API Coverage Matrix 

This study is prepared under the framework of the SUDTE project which seeks to facilitate the digital transformation of HEIs in line with the European Student Card initiative and to contribute to streamlining the gradual shift towards fully digital mobility management. The project will enable exchange of know-how between the participating institutions and ensure extensive support in achieving a smooth and well-coordinated digital transformation process in compliance with ESCI requirements.

In our work where the functionality of the EWP Network is tested, it is necessary to start with defining APIs. API stands for Advanced Programming Interfaces, ie services (mentioned on GitHub) that can be used by network participants to exchange data.

A current list of APIs available under the EWP is available at To briefly mention how how it works here, EWP Network has a Development environment (DEV) and a Production Environment (PROD). It can be used to test environments, but a number of contracts must be signed.

The list of network-supported services (APIs) known to higher education institutions is available in the “HEI/API Coverage Matrix” on the EWP Registry page. In this study, it is aimed to prepare a guide especially for IRO employees who do not have technical knowledge on complex IT issues. Accordingly, the meaning of the APIs in the HEI/API Coverage Matrix, what functions they have and the deadlines determined by the European Commission are summarized in the table within the text of  Explanations in HEI-API Coverage Matrix