İzmir Institute of Technology

Type of Organisation: Higher Education Institute

İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is a public university founded in 1992. IZTECH is the only institute of technology in Turkey. IZTECH was also ranked as the 3rd best research university in Turkey by the Higher Education Council of Turkey in 2019.

IZTECH is located a 3.500 hectares campus area located in Urla, İzmir. IZTECH has 191 faculty, 338 academic staff, 5443 students of which 1595 are graduate students. . Currently, there are 181 international students from 46 countries. IZTECH has three faculties: faculty of science, faculty of engineering and faculty of architecture. Under these faculties there are 19 undergraduate, 24 Masters and 19 PhD programs. 

IZTECH is associate member of European University of Foundation. IZTECH has taken on a mission to carry out advanced research, education and production as well as publication and counselling in the field of science and technology. IZTECH is one of the most enterprising universities in Turkey, it has very high ratio of projects benefiting EU funds compared to other Turkish universities. IZTECH is ranked in top 10 in Turkey for enterprising and innovative university – Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). 

IZTECH has been actively involved with all mobility opportunities under Erasmus KA 103 project. IZTECH has 104 Erasmus agreements with 23 European countries. From the academic year of 2004-2005 to 2008-2019 İZTECH has sent 804 Study Mobility Students; 223 Erasmus Traineeship Students, 129 Staff for Teaching Assignments, 81 Staff for Staff Training under Erasmus Program. In addition, since the focus of IZTECH is on technology and research, our IT team succeeded to create an in-house online Erasmus application system which is being used since 2016. This application system is directly connected to the Student Information System of IZTECH to enable the information transfer between two units. We are planning to create a system similar to what have being used in-house, by using the experience earned from it, to be disseminated throughout Higher Education Institutions in Turkey. This experience will also provide an advantage while integrating the Erasmus Dashboard to the Common Student Database.