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The Single Digital Erasmus+ Guidebook

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This guidebook is designed to be a practical source for those who want to get a glimpse of how the digital Erasmus+ tools can be used. We aimed to bring the diverse tools and information under a single guide so as to facilitate the understanding and use of these tools in a more accessible manner.
For this purpose, we will first provide a brief background of how the digital transformation of Erasmus+ started and is continuing. Then, the SUDTE project partner universities will tell their parts of this transformation specifically with regard to the Erasmus Without Paper network.
Looking at the different universities in each university from the perspectives of institutional preparation, the IT departments, International Offices, as well as its economic downsides and upsides will certainly contribute to the knowledge pool that those in need will benefit from.
The later part of the guidebook aims to help both students in their uses of Online Learning Agreement (OLA) and Erasmus+ App, and Erasmus Coordinators and International Office staff in their uses of Dashboard.
We hope that the Single Erasmus Digital Guidebook will accompany the users to better grasp and use the Erasmus’ digital tools in an efficient way.