Intellectual Outputs (IOs)-3

How to Achieve Digital Transformation

IMPLEMENTATION REPORT (Best practice guidelines)

Digital transformation of the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) is at the core of organizations to re-think their operational and behavioral models. The European Union (EU) tried for a long time to boost this transformation in HEIs, pointing out the necessity to explode such goal through the internalization and the interconnection between students across all Europe. The Council of the European Union aims to a “participation of at least 20% of the graduates in a period of studies or training abroad by 2020”.However, this goal is still far from being achieved. In 2020, the SUDTE (Supporting Universities in the Digital Transformation in Erasmus+) project, started thanks to a consortium of the partners from Italy (Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”), Spain (University of Vigo), Turkey (Selçuk University and Izmir Institute of Technology) and the European University Foundation (EUF), aiming to help together the digitalization process, the modernization of HEIs and EU standardization of mobility management. Hence, the present project aims to improve in the long-term the quality of European university services, the skills of staff of HEIs, aiming to the adoption of the ESCI (Erasmus Student Card Initiative) throughout Europe. The project activities lead to achieve expected results and outcomes through the achievement of “Intellectual Outputs” (IOs) that represent, step by step, the mandatory stages for the whole project implementation.