Intellectual Outputs (IOs)-3

How to Achieve Digital Transformation

IMPLEMENTATION REPORT (Best practice guidelines)

The present implementation report, under the IO3, wants to shed light on critical points of this project, the main progresses done and the next coming achievements and it wants to provide helpful guidelines for all project stakeholders, such as NAs and HEIs across Europe.

The main objective of report is to help HEIs informed of the work carried out by the partner universities in achieving EWP standards that is aiming to address the diversity of needs of every institution.

Hence, the present report also represents a recommendation report, in which are included the highlights, best practices and barriers of the following topics: 

a) Internal communication and commitment from the top management 

b) Data privacy and legal issues 

c) Technical infrastructure and digital tools 

d) Trainings of office staff, coordinators, and students.