“Erasmus Without Paper Onboarding Guide”

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One of the policy priorities of the European Commission is building a Europe fit for the digital age, with a focus on digitalising and simplifying administration. Institutions with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, a pre-requisite to have access to Erasmus+, are committed to this goal by undertaking the necessary steps to start using the Erasmus Without Paper network to manage Erasmus+ administrative tasks progressively. Erasmus Without Paper aims to connect all institutions digitally and simplify administration while fully adhering to the Erasmus+ programme rules, set by the Commission and monitored by the Erasmus+ National Agency in each participating country.

“Erasmus Without Paper Onboarding Guide” helps to understand the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network, used to exchange necessary data with partner institutions, and navigate the available resources that will help you get the most out of participating in the network.