SUDTE Outputs were shared with Spanish Universities in University of VIGO

SUDTE’s Multiplier Event entitled “Transformacion Digital En La Gestion De Moviliadades Internacionales” was held at the University of Vigo in Spain on 8 May 2023 with the participation of representatives from Spanish Universities, National Agencies and Third-Party Service Providers. SUDTE project partners made a presentation at the conference on topics such as challenges and solutions in the digital transformation process and EWP’s role in European University Alliances, as well as updates on the EWP dashboard and support for end-users. The use of the outputs produced by the SUDTE Project at the Spanish level and the roadmaps presented by the SUDTE Project for the digital transformation of Spanish universities were shared with the participants. Thanks to the event, the uncertainties experienced by Spanish universities in the digital transformation processes have been eliminated, and roadmaps for strategic planning have been presented.