3th Transnational Project Meeting of the SUDTE project was hosted by UNINA in May!

The Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the SUDTE aiming to reach the digital transformation for the Erasmus mobility management process and makig it faster was hosted by University of Naples “Federico II” on May 12th-13th, 2022. At the third meeting, details about the point where the project came from, the workflow and future planning were discussed. All the project partners discussed of the goals achieved, the things that were accomplished until the meeting in Naples and the details of the planned future work. Details such as project budget, completed activities, determination of the calendar of tests to be performed were also discussed at the meeting. Partners made important decisions about the Erasmus Guidebook and the Implementation Report to make practitioners confident and aware with digitalization process across Europe. At the end of this year, it was decided to complete all business packages, and in the first months of the new year, a draft plan for duplicating events was made.