Intellectual Outputs (IOs)-1 SUDTE “Report on Desk Research”

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This desk research report is aimed at collecting the existing data by exploring the relevant literature on the topic. This would lead to shape the survey questionnaires as relevant as possible. It will be used to develop a solid ground for preparation of the questionnaire to find out what the digitalisation situation is like with the HEIs.

The reports include a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, European projects documents relating to digitalisation policies and international research results. In particular, the report provides guidance on examining the importance of the Digitalisation in Erasmus + Mobilities, current studies and the needs of stakeholders.

This report consists of five sections including the policy context, literature reviews, software analysis, target groups and component of the survey. The reports based on official documents, comprehensive reviews of the academic literature, details of the past and future projects, results gathered from the interview with partner institutions regarding software analysis and stakeholder’s analysis about digitalisation in Erasmus +. The final part of the desk research report analyzes the key components of the questionnaire in a detail. This will be followed by the aim and scope of the survey with the hypothesis to be examined.